Besides sanation and statical construction works that SANEX,s.r.o. performs since its establishment, a complex reconstruction of historical and heritage buildings gains more and more importance in the portfolio of offered construction activities.
One of such objects in 2007 was completion of reconstruction works on Malokarpatské Museum in Pezinok, the realization of which commenced in 2006. A complex reconstruction, sanation of dampness affected walls and facade of the object, restoration of collection artefacts and production of a new cellar exhibition had been performed.

In 2009 SANEX s.r.o. completed the reconstruction works on the object of Conservatory on Konventná Street in Bratislava, the realization of which commenced in the preceding year. As at any other construction so at this object a professional team was established the experience and work pace of which lead to reconstruction of the object after four years of deterioration transforming it into the condition preserving the historical character and conforming to the hygiene standards required from educational institutions.

In 2009 the construction works were commenced on the Secondary Grammar School on Grosslingova Street in Bratislava, where the general reconstruction project was supplied by SANEX s.r.o. In 2011 the works on the project were completed. The aim of architectural and building solution was the historical reconstruction of the original exterior and interior look from the period of its origin based on archived art, craft and historical detailing to the most original extent possible. The reconstructed building requires a special attitude to the methodology of historical reconstruction in respect to its origin in a specific period, style and manner with a confident author’s hand of renowned architect Edmund Lechner.

SANEX s.r.o. has performed reconstruction works of minor nature e.g.: facade reconstruction, distribution lines, roof reconstructions and reconstructions of dining facilities. The following objects fall into the category where at least one type of stated activities has been performed: DSS Rača, DSS Hestia Pezinok, SOU J.Jonáša, SPSŠ Drieňová in Bratislava, School of Applied Arts and other.
It is in the interest of the management for the company to be lead by and employing capable and qualified specialists. The company has proved the ability to solve demanding tasks and react flexibly to the demands of the clients which is well documented by the many referential projects. Building of quality system presents a great contribution which is proved by the success of the company in the competitive environment. The management of the company more than welcomes relization of building the quality system and is commited to fulfilling the goals set.